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Here you will find ideas and code straight from the Software Development Team at SportsEngine. Our focus is on building great software products for the world of youth and amateur sports. We are fortunate to be able to combine our love of sports with our passion for writing code.

The SportsEngine application originated in 2006 as a single Ruby on Rails 1.2 application. Today the SportsEngine Platform is composed of more than 20 applications built on Rails and Node.js, forming a service oriented architecture that is poised to scale for the future.

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Upgrading to Ruby 1.9.3: An Ngin Platform Overview

06/11/2012, 8:23am CDT, By Luke Ludwig

A peek at the infrastructure powering Ngin.

Zeroing in on Zero Downtime

06/05/2012, 7:07am CDT, By Patrick Byrne

Zero downtime is a big deal to us. How big? Read on and find out!

Rails Middleware Timing with Rack Timer

03/14/2012, 8:45am CDT, By Luke Ludwig

Gain full insight into your middleware performance with Rack Timer!

Better Living with Enumerated Field

09/20/2011, 9:22am CDT, By Patrick Byrne

Why we created the enumerated_field gem and how it can help you with your Rails projects.

Deploying when Removing Columns with Rails with Zero Downtime

07/11/2011, 8:00am CDT, By Luke Ludwig

By overriding the ActiveRecord::Base.columns method we are able to avoid the ActiveRecord::StatementInvalid exception thrown when removing a column from a table.

Rails 3 Performance - Not Good Enough

05/11/2011, 8:53am CDT, By Luke Ludwig

A simple reproducible benchmark shows ActiveRecord 3.0.7 to be 1.43 times slower than ActiveRecord 2.3.2.

NGIN Receives An Overhaul - Upgraded To Rails 3

04/15/2011, 2:00pm CDT, By Luke Ludwig, Andrew Stevens, Ian Ehlert, Doug Rohde, Zheng Jia

NGIN, the web platform powering TST Media and thousands of websites, is upgraded to Ruby on Rails 3.

Anatomy of an Overnight Website

03/28/2011, 3:17pm CDT, By Isaac Sorensen

What did it take to compete in the 2011 'Overnight Website Challenge'?

TST Media Announced as the 'Overnight Website Challenge' Winner

03/27/2011, 9:58am CDT, By Isaac Sorensen

Congratulations to our guys and the 17 other teams that rocked new sites for a cause

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Displaying Results 31 - 39 of 39